Our Network


We have been offering our Nigerian customers high quality products since 1972. The key to our success has been our strong relationships with our partners and over the years, consumers have grown to love and trust our products.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Assudamal & Sons (HK) Limited is the flagship of our group and has been in business in Hong Kong since 1929. Assudamal provides effective and efficient services with a network of highly trusted partners, associates and suppliers across Asia and Europe. This has been the hallmark of our growth, allowing us to consistently deliver what we promise to customers.


Our office in India is the logistical and quality control centre for the group's exports out of India. Exports include products such as paper and engineering equipment. We also specialize in sourcing various raw materials (food chemicals, food emulsifiers, various edible agents and general food ingredients) and production machinery (process, packaging, agricultural) for a wide range of food products.


Assudamal & Sons has it presence in four business hubs namely Guangzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao and Tianjin where our representative offices liaise directly with manufacturers. Maintaining quality control and compliance at supplier facilities is a key component of our competitive edge.


Haano limited (Ghana) is the latest addition to the group. Incorporated in August 2014, Haano is committed to providing the best quality in the products and services that we will offer.


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Nexus Industries (Kenya) limited has just set up its operations (August 2017) in Kenya with a strategic plan to expand the group business into East Africa.